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Screenshot of the video by Colonel Mustafa.

You can watch it here. Just now.

A famous musician and an international rapper Mustafa Colonel have been criticized over the new single, he released this year 2016 with Huddah. The song called Dodoma Singida has hit the music industry with criticism as it shows a wrong picture of the young little ones.  This song that Mustafa did has the image of modern music, but only those with analog views say that it portrays a negative attitude towards music in Kenya. The song was done in conjunction with the recent customers and the lost generation. Other call it generation "Y."

Still on the same note, Colonel Mustafa realized a song last year which was closely related to this hit song which people are talking about it. The song he released last year was "Lenga stress". Now Mustafa has been in controversial with this brand new track after lenga stress. He went underground for long until last year he decided to break the Ice.

Music video that got alot of criticism.
He has been in controversial stories with ladies in clubs, and later he decided to it live. Another popular international music artists Sauti Sol also went viral with this kind of music. Their Music was violent and was only dedicated to adults. The song that hit last year with a controversial video from Sauti Sol was NISHIKE. This also happened after a series of adult exposed songs from several artist who revealed their "Nini is" especially from the chronic and advanced socialites. Prezzo had one song with Vera Sidika then to Sauti Sol and Now Colonel Mustafa with Socialite Monroe.

This trend is a copy paste of Jamaican dancehall music that even other countries banned some Jamaican artist from setting foot in those countries. Artist like RDX was banned in countries of Arctic and some African countries as they exposed and splashed real s3xy on the stage. The famous song that majority of Kenyan Fathers hate was BendOver, which made the majority of ladies go crazy.

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