Collabos between Ali Kiba and Sauti Sol
Unconditional Love song by Ali and Sauti Sol in the video.
The most beloved bongo artist and a  Kilimanjaro award and other 6 more awards winner Ali Kiba came to Kenya for the airtel Trace music star. This is the time he spends a lot of time with his fans in the Kenyan Clubs.

Video of unconditional love.

Critics  and fans all were praising  him after the shows. From the fans, they were suggesting him to do a collaborative song with Kenyan Artists like Sauti Sol. The Tanzanian  music star decided to do this hot song and majority of ladies are talking about it. In Nairobi you will find it played in  most of the Saloons and boutiques, some them talking about how Ali Kiba was in the song.

Video by sauti sol and Ali Kiba.
Sauti Sol have been in the controversial after they released  the song Nishike. This song has received  critics until they decided to launch  another song immediately  after to take overtake  Nishike. 

They have been a talk in social media about performance, all in all, they really  represented Africa in the US and the big brother.
Unconditional Bae is the song talking about making love in the African culture. Ali Kiba  and Sauti Sol  has done it big with their  collaboration as that's where Kenya Meet Tanzania in the music Markets.The song that has left Many ladies salivating with their televisions at home because of the chest exposure as it was in ' Nishike' by this time round is Ali Kiba on the mix.
Video of Ali Kiba and Sauti Sol.
People must accept the new generation  songs and crazy ideas as other on social media were really  hard to understand why they prepare such video and keeping in mind there is little children. The children  were  born in the digital  era and they have to raise them in that way. 
Together with Ali kiba dancing in the ocean.

Some of the comments on they official YouTube channel was really  showing how ladies were salivating from the performance. Others had built castles in the air with the Artists Sauti Sols' chests and Ali Kiba unconditional body.

Ladies dying for Ali KIba exposure.

You can download or watch it here from their official youtube channel. Unconditional Bae.

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