Church house where some leaders and there people perform unmannered activities.

In religious beliefs about the spiritual leader who has been interdicted with  malicious spirits has to be isolated. A great leader is the one who leads by example  and  give out options.
Let us look at Kenyan pastors and preachers what they do you will be shocked. Nairobi faces sources went to some churches here in Nairobi and Mombasa and that was more than enough.

In Nairobi, preachers don't  really  preach for people to go to heaven but satisfying  their stomachs.
The first church was helicopter  of Christ, as the name suggests its helicopters of pastors stomachs. For four good Sunday the gospel was how to give as God says blessed  the hand that give.
 It was really  boring not to mention shocking activities  taking place at the church. Only ladies are required  to facilitate the process for blessing. Keep in mind that not all ladies but some few who are loyal and they have been blessed by pastor at home. The last thing is about miracles. In this church most testimonies are done by the ladies and majority  fell in possession  of demons.

Now forget about Pastor Kanyari who now married another wife after Betty Bayo now its turn to the salvation  army ministries. On the Sabbath day you'll  find them on the streets of some areas here in Nairobi with their  drums singing most at noon. Our sources revealed that sometimes they are allowed  on to move with their partners  in some restricted  areas and make love. You will be surprised  by this s3x day  on a Sabbath day with pastor.

Now another popular big church in Nairobi has revealed that its the source of wealthy  from the majority of celebrities. Its a horror  story when the sources were blocked from getting more information  as they were to be initiated first to know the rest.

This church situated along Jo mo Kenyatta avenue is home for the richest people you will never believe. In this church anything you like is presented and then handed over to the person requesting. Get rich with this church and forget conning  people. The church has a branch in Bamburi Mombasa.
We went ahead and investigate  the Vatican churches we have in Kenya.

 The sources revealed that a lot of dirtier circumstances are exposed to our people. They found out that the dollar  prism and the triangle of joy are the sources of miracles from those leaders. Brothers and sisters  do pornography in the churches. It was discovered  that some of the "holy " people are watching pornography  content  and then bring prostitutes to serve them in the church offices. 

It was noted that not only the fathers or church elders but also brothers  and sisters are in the mix. Sometimes  they divide  themselves  and make love.
Jesus celebration centre is one of the big churches  we have in Kenya. These two things will  mention here are really  shocking.
 The church choir  and the preachers are paid monthly and they are deducted NHIF,NSSF, Sunday performance and PAYE. Also they are given commission for number of activities  done and perfection. The sources were  shocked to find some people  bought houses and they are just professional preachers. 

 Church choir members have mansions and their work is to practise and sing in Sunday's. The other one is about offering. This offering  is given  in terms  of notes. Coins were not aloud in the offering  basket. All visitors  were given free lunch at the church hostels. Just have a visit in these churches and eat free supper and lunch.

Muslim preachers have been on the forefront in preaching water and they drink wine. Some of the preachers we violating  children rights. It was found that some leaders s£xual  abuse children in their own educational institutions called Madras a. Especially boy children  we the target  from the preachers. Then there was the ones who teaching youth to be radicals. This teaching was being quoted  from the holy book and led to violence. 

This is just an overview  of what is happening  in the religious  centres. There is much more that we found out but we started  sampling these ones first. Don't  shutdown the browser more will be revealed.

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