Bees sucking hot soup.

We always know that bees are only for honey and always sucks flowers to get the sweet juice. This one will surprise you,bees sucking hot meat soup with lemons. If you have not seen search a scenario then will describe it for you.
People wake up in Mombasa in Kisauni area and found something you have never seen.

The day went OK in the morning until the afternoon that's when the drama started. A young man saw bees surrounded in a Kiosk where a woman was boiling meat to sell soup in the area. The young man called  Erick decided  to acquire  more information. Now that information  he acquired  was the ticket  was to take him to the garden of Eden.

Erick did not have any disease or any other place dislocated but just seeing  bees  was the last thing. So he decided to ask the owner of the kiosk with his fellow men.
Something unusual  happened,an old man who is purported  to be an elder in one of the mosques came out and talked  tough about the situation. The old man 
Also talked about Erick as he was the ring leader of the group.

 Finally, the woman went into her house and brought franchised perfume and burnt it on the kiosk where the bees were. Traditionally,when a person does that then she is associated with witchcraft. The following day Erick went back and he became very sick. He was taken to the hospital but unfortunately,  he did  not survive the beliefs.
Acquiring information led to his death about the lemon sucking bees.
Another  young man  who was with Erick fled  and the old man  who is a Muslim leader also  left due to the danger  that was on the door. But before he left he received a thorough beating  from the angry and vow to kill him like what they did to Erick.
The woman also fled to Kiembeni and she closed the business. She another family there and that's why she decided to go and hide. All in all, they were warned against coming back because that will cost all their life.
Now the area has no bees and people  are living as normal. This was being associated  with witchcraft and other evil beliefs. Mombasa and coast region  at is a stronghold of witchcraft because recently  we have seen older people  being murdered  for witchcraft. The majority of them were taken  to the traditional  forests or homesteads called "Kayas". Do people  still believe in evil spirits? Where do these people  associated with witchcraft took to? People should not take responsibility as its the work of the government  to protect people against and vice and any challenges the citizens  get from living.


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