Citizen Television Actor Almasi now in Music Industry.

The Citizen Television actor Ian Munene A.K.A Almasi did a great background cover with the new hit song done by Rabbit A.K.A King Kaka. This song has been in the Kenya playlists as one of the best Kenya songs were done by Rabbit who turned to be King Kaka. This vocal spoken word  artist has done great work since 2014 he came out to the limelight in the music industry.

Rabbit has done several  collaborations and the one everyone  is talking about with Bahati. Why are people so worried  about Mtoto Wa Mama Bahati? The collaboration  that he did with Rabbit does not have any effect on the faith and what someone  believes. In that case, he went ahead and did a collaboration song with the Kenyan Dancehall father Wyre the love child.

Almasi has now been a bad boy after he left Machachari to school and now in the field of music. Do you think this field will sustain Ian? The industry has many and outstanding people, hope for the better out of him.
Rabbit with Elani in the new song with featured Machachari actor Ian Munene.

Acting is also a nice carrier and makes someone celeb very  fast. The citizen shows popular actors and actresses are leaving for greener pastures and studies.  Olive also for mother in law left for studies abroad after his friend Angie left for studies as well.

Almasi will realise his new track "Koth Biro" this year after he stabilized with collaborations from different artists. It was great to find him with Elani and Rabbit in the show  that was organised by Coca-Cola with Dj Joe Mfalme at Vipingo ridge. This is a milestone as an artist after acting. He is also struggling with the school as education  is everything in this world.

Almasi has been seen to be a good boy in the Machachari Show hosted by citizen television. the change of the carrier has led him to be forgone by the toughness of the music industry in Kenya.  Others who left Machachari are Govi , Fatso, and Baha. But some of them were hoping to come back later after they will be through with their respective activities that let them out of the show.

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