Marriage increase along with ethnicity.

The majority of the Kenyan communities prefer getting married to the same.Different cultures make the country unite, but it is entirely different in Kenya. Regardless of the economic or financial status, it is also suggested that most of the Kenya marry in line with their ethnic groups. The international body in Relationships handed over the report to the committee concerning populations and status that suggested that there is a lot concerning creating harmony across Kenya.

Truth and reconciliation committee also suggested that these are the major things that Kenya is still struggling with tribalism. The only way to kill it is by having people across the country freely mingle and get married elsewhere apart of their community.  It also showed that majority of Kenyan communities only dwell with what is preferable to them not thinking about others (Selfish approaches). Other things will render country into tribalism is the existence of vernacular stations which only heard by the natives, and this brings out division among the regions.

It also shows the majority of the communities support marriages from only within their tribe but getting out the partner or let in a partner from other tribe makes the community discriminate and let the person be lonely with what is in regard as disrespect to the community elders. That disrespect makes the person married from another tribe be a target during political chaos as she/he must be back to his people or region.

90% of Kenya marriages have partners from the same tribe or region. That is because of when people get married to some areas they, don't get supported or even welcomed in the community. Another aspect is the side of political intolerance as the leaders create hatred between clans and communities by way of which party someone is supporting.  The greatest challenge is to get back people and unite them so that intermarriages can be raised or increased. This aspect of hatred started with our earlier leaders who led the country according to the regions. Who is the kingpin of the area? And then all people follow them whether he/she is wrong or right.

What can it be done to rectify the problem? Can taking students from one region go to the other part for education help? We have to think further because we may end up with a divided country and unsustainable marriages. Unions that are only backed by the ethnic lines and have tribalism and may lead to political leakage in the country. People will only focus who is theirs.

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