Vison 2035 in Mombasa launched.
The vision 2035 Mombasa stadium.

Despite the problems from  the national  government, Mombasa  governor  Ali Hassan Joho has really  laid a milestone  towards establishment of Mombasa town. This happened  today at Mombasa  golf club.

Mombasa is the first county  to establish  a vision for the county. Mombasa  governor backed up by Lamu Governor  Issa Timammy has realised and realized urbanisation has affected the county. The organisation  of this town was done in 1970 and planned how mombasa will be.
Since that time, there have been no tangible changes in the infrastructure. For example, roads have been in that size since 1977 and the work of the government  was  just maintaining them. This realisation happened  due to increase  number in population and technology.
Vision 2035 for Mombasa growth.
Mombasa senator Omar Hassan  has been seen partly  disagreeing  with the governor and he was not on the occasion. The senator has recently  been spotted  with Jubilee Mombasa  governorship aspirant. It is not yet clear that he is moving to jubilee  or does  not like Hassan joho  strategy of running  Mombasa  county.
Another one who has been seen to differ with the governor is Nyali M.P Hezron Awiti famously  known  as Jobojobo. The favourite M.P that has been seen to be The governors  favourite  is Kisauni member of parliament Hon.Rashid Benzimba.
This is a real dream for the people of Mombasa to have such beautiful environment as described by the document. That is what the Mombasa people need but due to corruption and bad leaders get to that dream will be very difficult.

Things like having the Likoni channel having a bridge has been a tag of war between the governor and the President as a majority of the jubilee members are saying that it's the work of the national government. The national government has been even a times hiding some information regarding the channel. Now, what about the Mombasa people dream will be hidden and have  a tag of war between Mombasa residents and the national government? All these will be available after the fourth coming general election.

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