Nairobi raha and diaries.
Guest rooms business is booming in Nairobi as the *** business increase.

Nairobi city was ranked number one for s£x workers following Kampala in Uganda closely. Nairobi city is the place connecting businesses across east and central Africa. It holds several United Nations offices. It the major city connecting to major refugee camps in East Africa.

This town has major business people including international drug barons and other money gambling billionaires. The majority of government officials stay there unlike the other main cities in East Africa. A good example is Tanzania. Government officials are subdivided; others remain in Dodoma capital town and Dare salaam.

It is situated in a calm sometimes cold environment. This environment enables people to have "IT" without getting tired. It is not just about business and the environment but also the majority of ladies from different areas of the country move to Nairobi because it has more market to other sectors.
No money no love

Research that was conducted by the international council of women indicated that majority of the people who are living in the main cities are young ladies of less than 40 years. These constitute 40% of the total population in the towns. It was noted that majority of them come to Nairobi specifical looking for Men and not only natural, ordinary men by Rich men. Big cities attract 10% of Married or separated ladies to look for cougars or even young energetic men. 

Businesses that thrive most in the cities are the ones involving the connection between men and women. Most big houses and apartments are secluded to provide a way of men getting young ladies in one place instead of going to the streets. Recently One house in Runda Nairobi was speculated to hide men, and that's where women go to choose who to have on the bed.

 This business is well off in the major cities. The research that was conducted provided a clear picture of how people spend their life in the modern cities. 

The East African cities which have the most S3x workers are Nairobi with 27%, Kampala with 22%, Daresalam with 18% and Dodoma with 15%. The research had 5000 people in each town asked to provide their opinions. Other upcoming cities with a good percentage of more than 10% were Arusha, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha, Jinja, Mwanza and Kakamega. The other towns were found to have less than 10% of their po[pulation dwelling with the business.
Sugar daddies who deal with young men.

It was noted that most business advertisements have seducing elements. Most ladies nowadays prefer s3x with older men and for money and not love. Real relationships have declined with a significant percentage compared to 1990s. S3x has been part of life, and even small girls are also yearning for it especially in primary schools. Nairobi primary schools are the red line as the majority of them started at a very young age. The report included not only the ones on the streets but also the ones who do it underground with others husbands or wives with an aim of making money.

People suggested that the government should start collecting revenue if they wish because it's a sought of business or abolishes and ensure that nobody is allowed on the streets. S3x workers should have licenses to do their activities from the county governments or healthy bodies. The fear of HIV is no longer there, but the only aspect majority of modern ladies don't like getting pregnant or unwanted babies as there are a relatively high living standards. This makes people dislike pregnancies than contracting AIDS. This abrupt change will make the AIDS council be in trying times with communicating the message to citizens. Across the cities in East Africa as now there is the East African Community.

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