Zigo remix hitmaker AY.
AY in the Zigo remix song. "Anakulaa Kwa Machoo"

The Tanzanian bongo artist and international  rapper Ambwene Allen Yessayah A.K.A AY broke the ice last year when he realised the now hit song Zigo. 
Following  some critics, the song did not make much from  the African playlists. It was really  had and for the international  artist to promote  that.

The artist AY has admitted  that  he got a boost from his colleagues in terms  of advice and it really helped. He added that the advice led to the remix of the song. The big question  was who to do the collaboration  with and when. That when he got another international  hitmaker Diamond Platinumz from Tanzania and suggested  to do the collaboration.
AY on the video

So they did Zigo Remix. AY explained that 'ZIGO' means Mzigo(luggage ) but it meant that it was describing a good lady who has a big booty and read to settle. Big booty ladies are the ones majority of men prefer and that why he decided  to have that song. "I always look at the characteristics of a person before engage," he said. "That's why I said (Nakula Kwa macho..... ) I really prefer what I like not what I see," he added.

The most hit song in Africa.
Zigo remix  is the song most played in African playlists and even international. This song has real made up to the top. AY and Diamond Platinumz are friends and hopefully looking forward to having another collaboration as this increases the east African music industry  chart.

Huddah dancing Zigo Remix.
Hudda dancing Zigo remix at home.
Majority  of Tanzanian  artists  have been  coming to Kenya or go to Uganda to look for  Collaborations as its the only way of going outside your country.

  Big artist across east Africa as well went ahead and made some collaborations with Nigerian fellows as are the only artists  holding Africa much followed  by south  African and East African artists.

Hope the song Zigo Remix will make it much in the international  playlists.

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