Nairobi suffers alot of rain that made other people carry thir own girlfriends.
A man carries his loved one not to be swept by floods. While others make it business.

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi has had a lot of rain in the past few days and still expect to rain much at the beginning of next month. The rain flooded all the Nairobi roads with waves include the newly built Thika superhighway. All the main roads in the city center were full of water draining to the Nairobi River. The drainage systems failed again, and now they did not even work .

The last years' El Nino did not teach people a lesson about the drainage systems. Nairobi, governor, was caught unprepared with the rain that hit the city for a whole week consecutively. Little cars did not have a chance of swaying across the angry waters in the poor drainage areas of Huruma and Githurai. Some cars got stuck on the roads which now were like seasonal rivers while others did not survive and swept by the water.

The roads like Mombasa road and Uhuru highway were water highway, and everything situated along the roads swept by the waters flowing downwards to Athi River. Without forgetting the Kidero grass which the county government spent to secure the grass now is red volcanic soil from Limuru and some parts of Kiambu.

Kenya power and their plants not spared as well, some substations we full of water and they had to switch off electricity to avoid more accidents of electrical short circuits. The Kenya poles lodged and others submerged with torrential rains and others swept away and another fall on the streets.

Nairobi roads turn to seasonal rivers.
Nairobi roads turned into seasonal Rivers.
Walls of some estates also went down and killed several people and others locked in the debris. Some building also went down especial in Huruma and other buildings that were built in water logged areas also went down. The buildings around Kayole, Huruma and along Thika superhighway are much affected.

The county has not even uttered a single on the disaster that has hit Nairobi and its environments. The County Governor Hon. Evans Kidero is expected to address the state of Nairobi County after when the floods are down. The county will have a lot of repairs and rebuilding the swept structures. From the ( Meteorological Department) the weatherman is saying the rain will decrease its intensity at the end of next month. This may render Nairobi County be in Major Mess and will require a significant budget to repair and make it back to its state.

Some other parts that received a lot of rain include Turkana, Uasin Gishu, and Kwale.
The rain made people from these counties jobless and with no shelter. They only depend on Red Cross to assist them with essential activities. Others lost their lives as people swept by the floods especial in Turkana and Kwale South of Kenyan Coast region.
Nairobi streets flooded.

Business of carrying people on their backs is real booming particularly for those who less confidence in crossing seasonal rivers. The business of moving people is real strong and people moved even for Ksh.100 at a distance of 50Metres. Now its not umbrella because it does not assist but being a man back is the business to go if you are strong. This company was active to ladies who are the majority who are carried by men on their back like young little ones.

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