Eating well and live healthy.

We always eat food. Have you ever thought of having the right food every day. There is a very difference between  eating then get satisfaction and eating to replenish and get required  nutrients.

Foods that are on the streets  are not to trusted. These foods are cooked without  any environmental thinking and effects. Then foods that people eat to satisfy  themselves but with no major nutrition value are the once on the street which is being cooked  from morning til evening.

It has been noted that fruits  and vegetables are the only source that making bodies thrive and overcome the bad cells. Body cleansing is the only thing that can everyone  needs to do. We have taking alot of Genetically  Modified  Foods in our daily to day activities. 

The only thing that rescue you immune system is by eating alot of fruits  and vegetables. Just fast from heavy food and supermarket commodities for a week and prepare  only fruit  porridge and fruit and vegetables juice and you will get that results. People haven't  know that natural foods are more in nutrients compared  to artificial ones.

A lot of people like meat, when you take someone to lunch and give him cabbage or spinach he will always talk about it. Its now time to fight major and chronic  diseases like cancer,diabetes, and high blood pressure. Use of natural commodities  and foods allows people to be more dynamic and increase  productivity at home and in the country.

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