Supermarket Cartels as prices vary from tags to the POS.
You have been going to the supermarket without  realizing  that some supermarkets still from the customers. Our sources moved to some supermarkets here in Kenya to see what is happening.
Customers  have been really  crying  about this habit  and till date its still happening. The Nairobi faces team moved into some supermarkets and compiled what they saw.

In the supermarket, all the store managers, database and overall  manager understand sometimes  some of the cashiers especially  cashier supervisor.
So the open the supermarket  at their  respective time and set a target. 
This target is what  brings the confusion and let others be rich.
So the first person to calculate what will have at the end of the day is the Information  Technology  person. He/She  sets the target also of how much will get during the evening  before going home.

See this small example. A Colgate may cost ksh.20 on the shelves sticker  and code is 4433 in the point of sale system. So what they do is changing the price of Colgate in the system to be something  else like Ksh. 25 and the  5 Bob on top are what feed the managers. So some commodities are affected by the manipulation and then correct all figures in the evening before living the supermarket.

This is just an example but major things are happening and it is really a bad method of oppressing customers. Have you ever thought of moving in  with a calculator  in the supermarket  to add everything  you buy so that you compare with what is given at the counter? Yeah now its your time to shout loud.

Most of the supermarkets are  what they do to satisfy themselves  and their  bosses. This form of stealing money was identified  by the new town  supermarkets. Now keep in mind that  what you on the shelves  is sometimes not what will be reflected on the printed receipt. This is common for those who use VISA cards as they don't calculate  anything as long as they understand  and know there is money in the account.

So compare prices with supermarkets and mini markets,then decide and verify full the prices. Keep in mind that VAT is added before placing the sticker on the shelves. Sometimes  will tell you that the extra is VAT, So don't be fooled around by the money mongers on our Malls. Be extra carefully on the malls as it a trending thing from one town to the other.

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