Paul Owino with a gun in an occasion in Nairobi.

The SONU leader Babu Owino is a most famous and lucrative and young business man in Kenya. He is now the leader for a second time in students Union (SONU). People did not know how he did and be on limelight. Majority of his haters said that he is dealing with smuggling of illegal goods in Kenya.While others saying that he is a robber and has joined the secret gang within Nairobi. All that is scrap and he is just doing clean business. People thought every successfully person in this world does the dirty and supernatural tactics to gain celebrity and money.

Babu Owino owns several flats and other apartments in Nairobi He is a good and successful business man. He has done several projects in conjunction with some county governments the tenders boosted him. When some people look Babu in a political angle as someone with hard stands as the like to the dictators. The political carrier to him is a gift and he is willing to execute it in the political arena especial from hisa region as an upcoming politician. Majority of the politicians who are now powerful started with the students uunionin the like of late George Saitoti, late Oteino Kanjwang' and Prof. Anyang nyong'o.
He is contrasted with major African dictators.
Majority have been seen not satisfied with businesses he is doing  as they said is in fact dealing with drugs. Middle class kenyans thought that the way he is doing his work and showing off with multi-millions  rides already is dealing with illegal goods. According to the sources Mr. Babu got favours from the government after being given tenders and other political support.

Mr. Paul Ongili Owino who is the head of university students union (SONU) which is the third most powerful party in Kenya after Jubilee and Coalition for reform and democracy (CORD). Born in Kondele village in Nyanza region, he has been seen as a true leader from the young generation as he was from humble farming background.
Babu in a helicopter during SONU  campaigns.

Babu Doesn't have much properties compared to government youth senior officials but his dream never fails. He is among the top bright people from humble background and the are some speculations that he will be  vying for a  parliamentary seat in one of constituencies in Nairobi. Majority of the youths in Nyanza and Western regions having looking forward to raise him as "baba mdogo " in the area. Maybe to replace the current "baba" in the coming years.

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