Why men people on toes with their women not to be socialites in Nairobi.
Well known socialites who do shocking businesses. Huddah and Vera Sidika.

Nairobi as the capital  city if Kenya  has many things to admire and shocked. As it is a metropolitan  area, women  in Nairobi are much overspending  and overspeeding. Being the capital men always be upfront to after their  spouses. A research  conducted  January this year it shows that most of the Nairobi men die in heart diseases and murder.

People don't  bother  whether she is your spouse or not as most of the ladies jump from relationship  to the other. It's not certainly  known  to the public most the times but the research has shown 80% of Nairobi  ladies have more than 2 relationships. This research was conducted to 2000 ladies in Nairobi between 1st January and 3rd February by global survey organisation in the relationship with lee Georgia  enterprise.

What are the main reasons of having so many relationships and end up with murder? Some reasons  were given which contributed  to the condition and ways of curbing it.

 So major reasons was high cost of living. Nairobi faces major challenges and focus on overcoming them. This cost of living has made our ladies hopping from one relationship  to the other searching for money. Money had been the issue  with the majority  of them found themselves  on the streets like allsoaps,koinange and river road at night looking for money and satisfaction.

The other aspect is heat. Nairobi is cool and with low temperatures most the times. This heat is from within the body. Rich people  go out and get some hard s3x from young ones and leave the husbands at home. This heat comes from the fast foods being taken and the activities  bring done during the day. It's well known  for people  who look for shortcuts and other  means of conning people to make  ends meet.
Men die from being murdered because, when ladies determine  your worth then the next thing is to get out/over with you to start a new a chapter with someone else.

Majority  live their places of living or nearest  towns to Nairobi because many opportunities  are there. The majority of people who influence  other or in other word role models which we saw them on televisions  are there  as well. Young generation  has depended on being spoon fed and being  provided by everything hence block their  minds.

Majority of ladies imitate  and provide false impression as they compete  with people  who had and have money. This has made them be on social media, socialite, exposing their  bodies to private developers  who their work is to give and develop something in their  lives.
Majority  of again are alwsys looking forward to have sponsors  and men who will hold their hands in terms of employment  and even their spouses. Just imagine your wife with someone's husband  to give you an employment. Majority of areas these things happen is iin Nairobi  and Central Kenya.

Life has become miserable  to some of them and now it's upon an individual  to use all means and ways of getting  to survive regarless of you education background and family background.

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