She is in Congo tasting Congolese.
A well-known socialite who have been moving up and down looking for an international market for her body.This Socialite has been exposing things for people to buy despite being artificial. This popular tasty and salivating lady was seen in the town of Kinshasa in the sells and marketing and as well auction points of the Zaire Capital.

Vera Sidika has been in controversial circumstances that have rendered quarreling with other socialites. Due to the Noise from others, she decided to do it internationally and left the rest hustling with Kenyans. The first country she started was Dubai and then she went to many different countries including Nigeria, UK, and U.S. She is fun and entertaining compared to other drawn socialites.

Vera will be there till she accomplished her selling mission.Let the Congolese taste the Kenyan sweetness and pay more for to come home with goodies. She deserves to be an ambassador of s3X as she traveled to so many countries just to auction it. The Kenyans should use her as a way of being known in the international community as she had many channels abroad. Happy staying in the Democratic Republic of Congo hope to visit PAPA Wemba burial on behalf of the Kenyan Artist, who loved his Music.

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