Better breakfast makes you clone your day.
When you wake up in the morning, think about making a great day and healthy living. These are the only aspects of making your day great and full of smile. Read these points below though they might seem to be hard sometimes. It all depends on the nature of the person and activity.

The very first thing in the morning is praying. Putting God first is actually the way to stay. If you are "married", meaning religious and legal marriage, then pray for S3X as well. The next aspect is having morning glory. This glory is both God's satisfaction and your satisfaction. Keeping in mind that the recommended practice is once or twice a week for human morning glory.

Physically exercise.
People confuse between physical exercise and physical activity.  The things someone do every day are the activities.  Leave alone with that, it's exercise.  For those who have a gym at its the nice thing.  So something for around thirty minutes. Rest for ten minutes and take shower read to start the day .The recommended period for a day is around sixty minutes of physical exercise.

The next and important aspect is food. When exercising,  the fats and other nutrients are burnt to make soluble energy.  The oxidation process takes place at the exercise while those nutrients are also needed to be returned. Eating healthy is what is needed for people to have. Eat fruits and foods which have different colors. These colours mean different nutrients in the body.
Then afterwards it's free to do the rest of activities for the day.

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