Mr Nickson Wesonga A.K.A Visita explains himself with NTV the trend with Kobi Kihara and on social media. He is the hitmaker of Hayo ni Mapepo, Hivyo ndio Kunaendanga and much more. He realises a song after a year. All the songs were realised after a year each.

Hayo ni Mapepo song.

Wesonga Nickson aka Visita an artist and Producer at Grandpa records.He started the journey of producing music from calif records with Producer Clemo then he moved to Grandpa records. He has two girl children and Married so Maafisi Lol.

His Music journey started in 2004 as an artist but underground. He was real passionate of being an international artist with his fairy songs.  Mr Nickson Started recording songs as underground till he decided to Move from western to Nairobi to accomplish his dreams.
Hayo ni mapepo song most  downloaded.

In 2012, he joined Grandpa records and taught about video producing and audio. The well known and super record media Grandpa records really improved the lives of many artists in Kenya by expanding their platform. These artists including Jimwat, Kenrazy, DNA, Kambua and much more including Visita himself.

Visita songs are fairy tales, saying and proverbs in nature with hidden meanings. He only does music and producing it. The job he has been doing since 2012. He likes hanging on with friends in many areas of the city. He won collabo of the year, song writer and hit song maker with many more awards in 2015. The male artist of the year in the secular artists.
The Music industry in Kenya has really improved from being local music to international through well-established recording studios with quality equipment and qualified managers and producers.The majority of the quality and impeccable equipment are in the capital city. This is what led to the entertainment industry grow in a centred way. Most of the artist move from their local towns to Nairobi to make a hit.

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