Bob Collymore Announcing the firms tremendous growth

The famous telecommunication company Safaricom Ltd has announced an emmense and broad profit exceeding all companies in East Africa with 19.6 percent increase  as of last year. The profit rose to Sh. 38.1 billion which is the highest profit gather since the entry of Safaricom company to the East African Market. This growth largely comes from the non-voices services like Mshwari and Mpesa.

The company's total revenue increased by nearly 20 per cent to Sh195.7 billion as gross revenue before tax.
The Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed firm has proposed a dividend of 76 cents per share, rising from 64 cents in the previous year 2015. Revenues from services such as voice, M-Pesa, SMS and mobile data increased by 13.8 per cent to Sh177.8 billion.
Income from other sources such as handsets and construction brought in an extra Sh17.9 billion. This has been a major successful year when compared with other companies which made a loss like Kenya airways and Uchumi holdings.

TheArea that scope huge growth of 42.7 per cent in revenue was in mobile data, whose sales hit Sh21.2 billion. People have been using data due to increase in a number of the smartphones.

“Data remains our fastest growing revenue stream and we are focused on growing it further through accelerating smartphone penetration, growing 3G and 4G users, offering relevant content,” said the firm officials.

The second area with  the enormous growth was in M-Pesa services, which expanded by 27.2 per cent to Sh41.5 billion. People place and use Mpesa and Mshwari to lock savings and save more for them to get interest. The firm has again collaborated with several banks to provide financial activities like Kenya commercial Bank, Commercial bank of Africa and many more local banks.

The company also won government tenders which boosted the growth. The firm also participated in a number of community activities and sponsorship. The largest tender the company got was the security surveillance system fixed in the Kenya's major towns.

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