The woman who was caught on bed with someones husband.

A man in Kariobangi was stabbed to death by his girlfriend when he caught on the bed with another woman.  The 28-year-old James was caught licking the lollipop  with "Mpango wa Kando". The girlfriend had rumours that James had a side  lady and she wanted to verify.

On Monday, the girlfriend went to their village in Murang'a to greet her family. The lady who works with kaysalt limited company was shocked to find that a friend texted her telling all the stories and what happened immediately after she the house.

She left Murang'a to Nairobi only to find that they were not yet through and she was even sleeping on their matrimonial bed with a lollipop confirming she had all the sweetness all day and even wanted to extend it to all night. The Man was taking a shower at that time she peeped through the windows.

Later, the man came to the bed and started romancing. Without wasting time the girlfriend banged the door and threw herself into the house directly to the bedroom. The girlfriend threw her fellow out and dealt with the husband. The man was hit on the head with a blunt item and fainted. The noise brought neighbours to see want was happening and even rescue the injured one only to find the man down silent. They took the Man to the nearest hospital but it was too late. James died on the way before they reached the hospital.

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