Ladies tolerate this in the name of money and love in clubs.

Sponsor, Sponsor trends in Kenya now. Most people are into sponsors and not working because of laziness and dependent. Sodom and Gomorrah located in the North of Mombasa in a sarin environment conducive for prostitution and all manners of irresponsibility is Mtwapa. Wazungus sponsors who jokingly referred as "wazare" are trending in the sin city.

The trend in Mtwapa is now getting out of hands and the Kilifi county government is looking forward to regulating the behaviour of the sin city. Small children are mad about getting sugar daddies and drop schools because of going to the beach and be beach girls. The sin city is populated with close to 200 Clubs and more than 500 pubs which are estimated to cost 500 million Kenya shillings which are pocketed to the pub and club owners weekly.

The shocking revelation is that the small town has 100 guest houses and more than 100 lodges beefed up by over 50 resorts and rental apartments. The Kilifi county government is looking forward to exploiting the lost revenue to the county.  There is a lot of lost revenue to the county as the town builds and expand with the 24-hour economy mode. The parents, on the other hand, have left the task to the teachers and government to look after their respective young ones in correcting manners.

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