What men need to see everyday in this photos from Nyali Mombasa.

I did not have a story to let you know but fortunately women who are my neighbours walked through our balcony heading outside for laundry. I thought it was just like a dream.How they were dressed made me curious. The "see me through" Leso was captivating and eye catching. Just looking at them in a good way, i took my towel and moved towards them just to pass by and say hello. The transparent leso was socked with basin water and stuck on their bodies when they were doing the laundry. I was keen to look at how they wrapped them in an awkward way just to pave way for fresh air and even for me to see properly.

 The main aim is to get people's husbands and young men for exclusive games. That was what i thought immediately as the main reason for them to do that.  Through suggestive eyes, one of them said, "Young man assist me with these clothes hanging them on the clothing line". Desperately, moved slowly and took the bunch of clothes to the line.

What is the motive behind this actions? Mmmhh it is only getting someone to talk to and well touch the body. It is all in ladies in the apartments who try hard to confuse young men and married men. I could see the pants while things shake as if they were already in my place. That is what confused me in the morning and got something to say. I went to my balcony and sit, basking while watching them doing laundry. (Nakuombea wema baraka kwangu bora bidii)That is what was writen on the leso. LOL!! omg!! ghai!!  fafa!!.

Women taking laundry while tempting men for s3x.

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