The song that make parents crazy about the whereabouts of their children.

People are talking about the music industry in as now rotten and unworthy. The recent crazy video is the one done by P-unit's Mr. Frasha, Gabu and Dj Joe Mfalme called Wabe. The hit song wabe has brought mixed feelings of the worthiness of the song in the community. P-unit fans are pleased with the song while others who are not fans did not please them. What's wrong with the song?

Parents also added that the song is not home friendly. Not all people can watch it with their children at home. Parents also urge the music industry to be fully responsible and regulated by music copyright board by checking the kind of music the board is promoting. This has led to youths and young children develop bad characteristics due to what they see on video hall, transport industry, and media channels.

Following a ban of wabe in some media houses, the group p-unit united with others and said they will continue providing salivating music to the haters. This trend is also the same in the Music industry of Jamaica where artists record erotic video clips which spoil young generations. A group of artists was burned in some countries from Jamaica due to their songs nature. A group like RDX was banned in performing live shows in Europe following the "bend over" hit.

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