Prostitutes in pubs and clubs in Nairobi and Mombasa arrested.

Police arrested ladies along Koinange street. They were supposed to finish their business at 12.00 midnight. Police and County security officers also secured some joints along the street.  The same happened in Mombasa at Casablanca. Alot of ladies were arrested by police and taken to the central police station and will be taken to court tomorrow.

The business ladies were found to be working extra odd hours and their permit allowed them to be on the street up to midnight.

Youngman girl friend was arrested when she buying Medicine at 1.00 am near some pubs along Koinange street. This is what the man wrote on his facebook page.

Yesterday night police arrested prostitutes along koinange street at 1 am. My girlfriend was also arrested.She is not a prostitute and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.She had gone to a nearby chemist to buy panadol. Irene is a 3rd yr UoN BA student in main campus, please help.She is the 4th from right. They are at central police station and will be taken to court on during the course of the week.

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