Trending posts of watersports in Mombasa with these big booty ladies in the hotels.

Watersport is the only sport that relaxes the mind and replenishes skin and body metabolism. But now it was revealed that shocking things happen in the water sports. A major hotel in Mombasa which has SPA has discovered that it promotes #Team Mafisi sway their tails towards the quails.

A watersport official was found to go after the ladies and SUC them in the water. The S£x activities that happen in the watersports is real shocking because they start and finish in the tubes and to the waters.  One of the watersport veteran Mr. Hassan said,"Ladies like it when they are touched in water and as well gets aroused very first, It is a common trend especial the ladies from upcountry like it.Getting done in water makes it fun and interesting.Per day I could even do it to six women in a busy day. "

The shocking revelation makes the sport be interesting for #teamKenya and #TeamMafisi who like to eat  anything and the ladies hold propellers in water directing in the hot directions. It so sweet to finish it in water than on the bed. It is hot inside and Cold outside which balance the equation. This is what is trending in the hotels with watersports.Do not let your wife go alone or your girlfriend.

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