Warembo na joho campaign launched to beef up women votes in the county. PHOTO: Michael Smith

The Kenyan politic is really funny, with each ones approaching it in different angles. The methods that were being used in the olden days, recently they are not working. Women pests are fully indulging and associating with them to grab a few the woman's votes.

Calendars, posters, billboards are now trending in giving the citizens hope of getting trust back and be re-elected.

The recent achievement in consoling women in Jubilee Party was the launching of women JAP movement dubbed as "Warembo na UHURU".  The JAP ladies movement consolidated all parts of the country to have women speaking in one voice.

In Mombasa, the Governor also launched another women campaign named as "Warembo na JOHO". The Mombasa governor campaigners have distributed inner wears to women so that they bring women full force towards his campaign coming general election.

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