Big Kisii booty merely cheated on her husband. PHOTO | Courtesy

Another shocking story from a lady from Kisii who merely cheated her husband. The lady asked for advice on the social media if what she did was wrong or right and if she should feel guilty about. Here is her short story.

"We are married for 3 years and my hubby loves me so much as I do. We have our own doctor and I'm staying with his family. One of his brothers told me that I should think of protecting the marriage because we don't have a child, all those years will in vain soon. The family doctor also said the same. "

 "One day I went to the family doctors' clinic and as usual I took off my clothes and remained with my panties because he was examining my stomach. I was really shocked when the doctor told me to take out the underpants too, I did not hesitate but comply. He fingered me for a while then he popped out his Dickson and rubbed it on my NUNU till he cam. He did not penetrate!!! ....... he did not penetrate. I'm now feeling so guilty, but is that really cheating?"

The lady was asking if that is cheating or not? Does it have any implication on her in future?

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