Most people across the world have been following up, listening, watching or reading about the one and only American Diva Barbadian singer, songwriter and actress Rihanna a,k.a Reree. Born Robny Rihanna Fenty, she entered in the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of his producer Evan Rodgers back in the year 2003. But since the year 2005 she rose to fame after realising her first music début album in the name ''Music of the sun''. Since then, the Good Girl gone bad hit maker has been a spirkling like a diamond emerging to be known all across the world.
Rihanna| Photo| Courtesy Facebook

But as a star, role model to many young girls and youth on the long run. Many has been wondering what is a normal Rihanna day inside the studio. How do she behave, and what does it take her to come up with a hit song, who are the people hanging with? Hence I have decided to dig deep in my library just to share with you a tantalizing momets of this star's inside the studio while recording some of her super hits. Here are some of the touching videos, which can make your day and also can give you the true picture also solve your dark puzzle of what happens in the recording studio. Please enjoy together with me the make of the hit song ''Bitch Better Have Money'', ''Watch N' Learn'' and the famous Nokia Global Tour Event videos.

                               Rihanna In Studio Recording ''Bitch Better Have Money''

                    Rihanna Instudio Recording ''Watch N' learn''

Rihanna on Behind The Scene Nokia Global Concert Event Preparation.

Hope you have enjoyed...keep locked in for more of these a like videos and entertainment news across the globe.

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