Beka The Boy's star in the Kenyan music scene is gaining more momentum. The Niko low hit maker is now proving his fans that his musical talent isn't just there for nothing but to entertain them vigorously as much as they wish. Already there are some signs of success in the long run, with some of his fans from our neighbouring country Tanzania, confusing him to be from their soil. Maybe it's due to his fluent Swahili sweet melody and lyrics. Only the truth to be he is a Kenyan by birth and his dream is to make Kenyan fans be proud of having such a value added talent.
Beka The Boy| Photo Courtesy| Facebook
Beka The Boy| Music Artist.

This year only, he has risen to be an unstoppable music artist through his hits he has been releasing since January. Today Beka has just released another hit song, a Rhumba genre music known as ''Manenoz''. The sweet lyrics of this special music is so touching not leaving out his tantalising vocals which transliterate with is sweet melody. The Swahili hit entitled Manenoz, is literally message meant to a beautiful lady or his lover. He is trying to explain how worthy it is his love unto her and he is ready to anything just to make her happy. But also trying to ask her not to listen to ill words from people so as not to break their relationship. Check out the lyrics of the whole music hit Manenoz from his YouTube channel.

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