Africa and the world now are experiencing another major super growth in every entertainment segment. As much as the technology is growing, even the environment surrounding it is also adapting the same conditions. Lets talk about our African comedy status now, up to now if you start to mention the big names in our comedy world, you will never leave out the name of one Eric Omondi. Erick Omondi is now not only representing Kenya in comedy but the whole of this continent at large. What is that making him standing out to be the leading African Comedy Star over big names like Trevor Noah of South Africa, Anne Kanisime of Uganda?

Eric Omondi| Photo| Courtesy Facebook
Eric Omondi| Photo| Courtesy Facebook
Eric Omondi has been using various ways and strategies that fortunately they have seen him making it big in the comedy world. Being smart and sharp in mind, Omondi is now utilising well the opportunity provided by the new technology. Apart from using the stand-up comedy tactics, a long-term strategy which has been in use for many decades by successful comedians. The on-line way in which Eric Omondi is now using is not that easy channel to be depended but since Eric has been darling to many comedy lovers across the African continent, he has been reaping golden grapevine as a result.

Some of the few tricks he has been using to make it big in modern days comedy are the likes of making the parody of super trending African stars or celebrities. Omondi has been making refix of top trending music videos of top artists like Diamond Platnumz, Akothee and posting them online via his YouTube channel. Maybe someone could be asking him/herself, how does Eric Omondi benefit from that? The answer is, Eric Omondi gains a lucrative bunch full of followers via using the trending music videos for parody.

People always likes entertainment, comedy is part of entertainment hence he gains popularity and increases his fame to the maximum. Another benefit he incurs is, Omondi needs to earn, so YouTube has its main ways of paying its users if they got a chance to meet some limits of views. With a high number of followers flocking to watch their favourite comedy parody on his Youtube channel then he also gets to meet and even score beyond the limit on Youtube hence he may be earning great from that. The last thing is, he benefits by reaching beyond the African market. For may people now have access to the internet, hence his Comedy videos can be watched as far as to Europe, Asia and the Americas. See here is his latest Comedy Parody, which he has acted how to be like Vera Sidika.


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