If there is a radio presenter who most of Kenya’s youth have grown to see his rise in the entertainment scene, then you won't forget to mention the likes of one and only Mzazi Tuva. The Mambo Mseto/ Mseto East Africa Citizen Radio and Tv host, always has something to leave his fans breathing fire of praise for his amazing social media tricks that allow him to be glued to his die hard fans.
Tuva images| Photo| Courtesy Facebook
Photo| Tuva On The Cock-Pit

Tuva has a special way of playing with his fans brains, so soothing and charming that no other radio/Tv personality has ever done. In a field which is full of competition day by day, then it means if you have to maintain your status then one must be very creative either if you are on air or out on the social media platforms. And this is why the reason Tuva is always trying not to disappoint his fans.
Tuva images| Photo| Courtesy Facebook
Mzazi Willy M Tuva In The Studio

Today via his facebook account, he has shared photos of him sitting on the co-pilot seat on a chatter plane which by his explanation he was from Eldoret to Nairobi after Madaraka Day's Mseto Talent search tour. His fans had no patience by flooding his comments box with lucrative comments, bear in mind that its not all people has the know hows of what it looks likes in a plane especially on the Cock-pit. Probably Tuva knows this, he knows there are thousands of his fans who wish to have that chance of flying on the air just like him but in that circumstance prohibit them from enjoying that. But at least, if these fans can't have that moment of flying high in the sky like him on a chatter plane, then the only way to give these fans a chance to enjoy that moment is by taking photos while on board and share with them on social media. It's so amazing and touching, just enjoy!

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