The new technology has been playing a great role if it comes to make things easier and efficiently. This is always cutting across the various angle of life, including media and so on. And this is why I have decided to bring you this article here, right from Mombasa Kenya. I am inspired to present this special gift outlet, whereby my thoughts and ideas have been lingering out across the East African music industry, media and how it links to its outside world entertainment scene.

B.O.B |Photo| American Music Star| courtesy of JJ

Hence my pen did fall on this paper to bring about this Tanzanian Radio presenter, whose work in the media world is causing mayhem. He has been for some time doing interviews with various international artists across the world, ranging from R&B stars, Dancehall artists and so forth. Something which is so difficult to do and if one has to archive this, then one must be very talented to convince the intended stars to be interviewed.
JJ  Radio presenter Jembe Fm| Photo| Courtesy of JJ
JJ  Radio presenter Jembe Fm| Photo| Courtesy of JJ

But JJ from Tanzania, he has been doing it like no ones any business. This makes him stand out to be a unique presenter across East Africa. Here I have just brought nearer to you one of his latest video, which he has conducted an interview with B.O.B a music star from the US. In this interview, B.O.B opens up to may things concerning his music life and his opinion about African music and so on. Take your time and listen to this exclusive interview down here.

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