Despite of the busy schedule last week, I had some time to collect data for the blog. My pen is full of ink reserved for any idea coming across my head. But still I recalled well as I was travelling to Malindi last Wednesday, I was listing to this amazing melody from a wonderful and brilliant hit song Niko Low by Beka the Boy. Though I had heard it in many times, this time round because of I was relaxed while travelling along the Malindi-Mombasa highway I kept repeating the music just in case to digest the music's message into my dear soul. Being a poet I was also keen marking every bit of the rhymes in his lyrics, relating to his soothing voice lingering and melting into the Swahili tune hit. As the first lyrics spearheading down to the open, this sweet poetic Swahili words filled my head with this first stanza's message of Niko Low hit song.

Beka the Boy with Changez Ndzai| Photo| Courtesy Changez Ndzai
Beka the Boy with Changez Ndzai on the right.

Unaanzisha mgogoro,
Nakutesa wangu moyo,
Unanifanya poyoyo,
Kila siku ni tomorrow

Niko Low Video

Manenoz Video

I love music, especially extremely good music. So hence I could not keep away from repeating and selecting most of his songs on my computer VLC's playlist. Beka the Boy has got the talent, he knows how to use it for sure. Listening to all of his pieces of music, one gets to enjoy the true Kenyan music flavour. Starting with Niko Low, Siri Ya Moyo, Manenoz one has to admit that Beka is a true definition of a Kenyan rising star. I am a kind of a writer who loves to express my inner feelings through giving out positive comments, but also I never depend on rumours. Hence I decided to spare some few time just to see if I could have a talk with the artist himself.
Changez  Ndzai & Beka the Boy |Photo courtesy| Changez Ndzai
Changez Ndzai and Beka the Boy take a pause
Despite his busy schedule on his still brand new promising career, I was lucky to get a chance on the long run. And it's from this slight rare chance may I call myself a lucky folk if am not wrong for by the time I had one on one with him he was back from Kwale where he had gone there for a radio interview with the hot cake radio Kaya situated on the top of Kwale county's hill-side. So you can imagine how tired he may be was by that time, but till then humbly he took his time to have a long conversation with me in Malindi. We discussed much of his past projects, the experience he is getting now through music and his upcoming projects not living out his dreams in the near future. For sure Kenya we have got our own talents, Beka's Manenoz music has been swimming on top of many radio stations top three playlists, good example being Radio Kaya and many others. By the time I was living out of Malindi heading back to Mombasa, I had all the reason why to urge all Kenyan fans and the whole of East Africa to put all their eyes on his talent.

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