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Lily Swam

In the world of writing and writers, as far as India is concerned one will never not leaving the name Lily Swam if mentioning some of the best writers especial who are located at Chandigharh. A post graduate in English language from Panjab University, Lily has been for years representing women in Indian society on literature not leaving poetry aside. She is and has been for years inspiring many young and older people across the world hence she deserve all these honours she has been receiving day after day. Because my pen has no boundaries if ti comes to matters of promoting and supporting other artists work across the world reason why I am highlighting her here.

Lily Swarn | Photo By| Lily Facebook

One of the Award Lily Swarn won

Today here on our Celeb Crush segment, my pen has travelled all along from Kenya to India just to project her achieves on poetry. She started writing poems back in 2013, after a deep illusion of painful emotion due to the demise death of her young son. Until now she is been doing great on poetry and also on her writing career, something which has been attracting a lot of readers across the world to his social life as a writer. She has also been a key role as far as representing the women in India on writing and poetry is concerned. One can find her publication '' A Trellis Of Ecstasy'' on Amazon and also online there is thousand of her work for anyone who is interested on her work. From here in Kenya on our East Africa Bana News Blog table, we sent much regards to her and her entire family back in India we say keep it up madam.

Lily Swarn | Photo By| Lily Facebook

Lily Swam Centre with other Indian writers at a past event

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