Phy Mwihaki Ng'etich| Photo Courtesy| Phy Fb

Phy Mwihaki Ng'etich On Stage

I am wildly interacting with different East African music super stars daily, and through that experience here at Bana Blog's table we have this segment in which we do crush our favourite Celebs across East Africa. Celebrating them for their daily effort they are putting towards music hence making East Africa appear on entertainment world map. So today on our Celeb Crush segment we are hosting one of our favourite female Kenyan artist, who is a real superstar and a true definition of a winner in the world of music. If you would allow me to take you back in the year of 2015 on May 4, on Maisha Superstar Season one. You would mark on this name Phy Mwihaki Ng'etich, the winner of that music competition in which she won 1.2 Million Shillings Kenyan Money as a grand price. Check out the full footage of that event on this video below for reminding or refreshing your mind about that heartily moving event.

Maisha Superstar Winner Announcement| Where Phy Was Announced The Winner

Phy, since then she has remain active towards moving our Kenyan music industry to the next level. She has been producing more music and in the same year 2015, she released her first album which was a combination of Afropop and R&B. In that album, Phylosophy has 11 songs including;
                                                              1. Ruka 2.       6. Niwewe
                                                              2. Unamanzi    7. Paradise
                                                              3. Chizi            8. Shughuli
                                                              4. Niache          9. Bad Man
                                                              5. Taboo           10. Dream Chaser
                                                                                        11. Ruka
One of her very unique way she had introduced into her music career, is being professional. Her album is found on different international music platforms such as Tidal, Google Music, Spotify, Waabeh and iTunes. Since then she has been actively performing on various music events including the famous Koroga Festival and many such related events. She is determined and has a great passion towards music. So far she has featured big stars in her music production including Kenyan Top rappers such as King Kaka and Kalighraph Jones. Phy is a real inspiration to many young talented music artists across East Africa. You can watch her Taboo video down here...Enjoy!

PHY-TABOO [TAABU] Official Video

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