Mwamburi | Photo Courtesy| Facebook
Geoffrey Mwamburi a.k.a Beki Wa Kupanda Na Kushuka 
In the world of sports in Africa as far as media houses are concerned, one will never leave out to mention the country Kenya. Kenya is a nation with a wide diversity of sports and it is well-known over the world for producing, making, breaking and setting new records especially on athletics. But apart from its sportsmen and women on the ground, it is depending on the media coverage in which has been the main booster to the whole exercise making it easier to reach even the people who are in the remote areas of this sovereign nation. And it is through this media fratternity, today on our Celeb Crush segment, I want to highlight on Kenyan number one radio and a pride of African heritage not any other than radio 106.7 FM.

Mwamburi | Photo Courtesy| Facebook

Geoffrey Mwamburi inside Citizen Radio's Studio

Radio Citizen has a number of good sports commentators, but I want to be specific on this. Today Geoffrey Mwamburi famously knew with his a.k.a as Beki Wa Kupanda na Kushuka. He is an elegant, enthusiasm and smart minded character by nature. No wonder why he got that chance to represent the sports world on one of the most successful media company in Africa the mighty Royal media. His Swahili accent is pure, and the way he is using his words is also amazing and fantastic, one could always feel like he or she is live on a certain stadium if Beki he is the one commentating, for the way he is presenting the actual actions happening on the ground over the radio is unique. It needs not only academics papers to do such great things in the world of sports journalism but God-given talent is another role key to be considered in place. Watch down here is a video footage of Geoffrey Mwamburi being interviewed about sport commentating on Ebru Tv by Victor Wetende.

Geoffrey Mwamburi On Live Tv Interview At Ebru Tv

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