If one knows how entertainment is, then you can't stop supporting good music. I am always travelling across the country and this time round, I was in the city of Nairobi. Just relaxing on a certain food joint. It happened I was attracted to a certain music track on Ghetto Radio, from far the kind of Swahili being used in the content of that audio I knew it was not from Tanzania but from the Kenyan coast. It was so sweet and tantalizing, so I was keen listening to hear the name of the artist, hence finally I got what I wanted. Yes, the name is what I wanted and it went off the air Snomey Lee. A new artist from Kilifi town, because I love supporting good music then I did my home work well and finally, I got to be hooked up with him at a certain point during the general election holiday.

Snomey Lee| Photo| Changez Ndzai

Snomey Lee| Photo by| Changez Ndzai

So today my ink pad has just split much of him, just to enlist his talent to the limelight. Through my talk side with him, he decided to open up on the challenges he is passing through as an upcoming artist. He is a hard-working young guy and as a casual worker in one of the famous Mnarani queries, he finds some time for practising music also recording despite his tight working schedule. Something which shows how determined he is, he has the dream of rising up and be a big star in future but he bears it in mind that the future begins with today's small start. His humble back ground gives him the push and needs to make it big through music art, hence he is pleading with all stakeholders in the music industry to stand stead and give him the full support for he knows he can if given that chance. Listen to his vuka boarder sweet melody.

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