Another fresh week another fresh entertainment scene and another fresh beef series of long time music super stars from here in East Africa Tanzanian crooners Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba. For a long while, Diamond and Alikiba have been word going around that the two music kingpins are at logger's heads. Something which both sides have been rubbishing it off, everyone keeps his word that there is no beef nor any differences between them.Diamond has recently shade out light to his fans the reason why he is not in a good relationship with his Tanzanian counterpart fellow celebrity Alikiba.

Diamond | Alikiba| Photo| Changez Ndzai
Diamond & Alikiba Onset 
If you are real die-hard fan and follower of the Bongo Flava music, one will be having a clear picture of how things are going on. Diamond Platnumz has been in the game for a long time before his breakthrough. And it seems that he was for long in the close relationship with Alikiba in terms of music production than many we could have imagined. This has come out recently after Diamond through the poems of the new music featuring with Fid Q and Rayvany. In his verse below here, Diamond had also blushed out Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto's claims of mothering Diamond's newborn.

Alikiba Cinderella

Nilisikia beat tu nikatamni fanye verse,
Nikamcheki ngosha akanambia simba mbona fresh,
Upesi upesi nikaandika nimade kesi,
Sasa ngoma kitaani inanuka kama kinyesi,
Forever young ...Kabla sijaitwa Chibudenga,
Enzi hizo nitwa domo, siku hizi eti lips denda,
Baba Tiffa ukipenda baba Nillan,
Naskia naitwa baba Abdul..hehe..kunamambo kitani,
Mzuka ukipande ukate viouno kwa vanga,
Kwa beat ya Kubanda inayobakwa na muuza karanga,
Ukinichukia sikosi hela, hivyo kwangu sio kesi,
Ila kunikopea na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa freshi.

Via this verse above there, please pay attention to the boldly underlined stanzas. Diamond message to Hamissa Mobetto is too short and clear that he is only a father of two siblings Tiffa and Nillan but the so-called new baby born Abdul, its sound so fun for him to be the father. On Alikiba's case, it has come to our attention that Alikiba's first heat song Cinderella on the link above in which brought him to the limelight was a fresh idea from Diamond Platnumz. On the last stanza, Ila Kunikopea na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh opens eyes of many bongo Flavas fans that Alikiba copied the idea from Diamond whom poor him during that time was weak and unfortunate that he couldn't have money for doing production hence the beef between the two until today. At least now you have the clue, enjoy the whole stuff  in the name Fresh Remix on the YouTube link below.

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