Alvaro Morata has made history today after becoming the first premier league man who has assisted and scored a goal on two consecutive Premier league goals at home. The Spanish international football player, started on a low key note when he lost a penalty kick during the community shield challenge against Arsenal. But since then he has been doing much great and his fast catch up with his new team-mates has proved him to be the right number to replace Chelsea striker Diego Costa. The 24 years old star, has more quality over Diego Costa and here let me highlight only three of them.

Alvaro Morata| Photo Cortesy| Chelsea Fc

Alvaro Morata Celebrating his goal against Everton| Photo Courtesy| Chelsea Fc 

1. Discipline

Morata is well disciplined, and that gives him a good chance to benefit in the hands of Antonio Conte. Conte who said last two days ago, that he don't see any problem with giving a chance to a player in his guard despite his young age. For he did the same back in his former club, where he gave Paul Pogba a chance to play when he was only of 18 years old only that one has to be disciplined. From this statement it means Morata is going to benefit a lot from the mode of his discipline at Chelsea.

2. He is extra talented on footwork

If one has been keen following Chelsea football matches, last season one could note that Diego Costa was only on scoring goals when the ball was in front of him. But he was not good dribbler neither he was not good on footwork. Most of the time if thought he couldn't dribble you would see him dropping himself to the ground begging for a foul play and most the time if the ref denied him he would become furious. But Morata is just like Hazard, he can dribble the ball while on high-speed moves hence he is a real challenge to any EPL team which would play with Chelsea this season.

Alvaro Morata| Photo Cortesy| Chelsea Fc

Morata dribbles ball while on move against Everton player

3. He is too fast and sharp on the pitch

Morata is amazing, scoring two games and assist in two consecutive games in EPL is not an easy task. But the Spanish has made it, and we are expecting him to do much of that magic more than Diego Costa. Already Chelsea fan has started to see a grin light out of this young star, so there is no more worry for the replacement of Diego Costa is here. And much most of us we are waiting to see the combination of Hazard Pedro and Morata if what could bring to the Champions. His fastest moves and his sharpness combining that he is very young more than Diego is another advantage for Chelsea.

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