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Everyone has his own day and season to shine, for nature is sterile and needs style to lavish it if the need and opportunity come at the right time. If one is good on reading seasons, then would join hand and second this article. The East African music industry has been for long being dominated by two Tanzanians music crooners that are Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba. No one is there to object this for we have a live to see Diamond rising up from Zero to Hero while on the other hand, Alikiba has been so magnificent and tough hence creating commotion between the two Bongo land superstars. But with what has been seen as the war between the two, their competition hypothesis is now turning from entertainment to a bizarre ogre. While Diamond is releasing a couple of songs in which recently some of his die hard fans have been complaining that they are not meeting their demand.

Alikiba, on the other hand, he is not even showing any sign of releasing a new project since Aje. Though Diamond has a huge back up from his Wasafi team, with the presence of the likes of Rich Mavoko, Harmonize, Rayvany and yet Lavalava, but the Diamond we use to know a few years ago is now losing his concussion. Things are getting out of hand for both Diamond and Alikiba if one is keen on observing this. The reality is both of them are already satisfied with money, now there is no inspiration motive inside their hearts so as they could script write soul touching music hits as they use to do few years back. It seems they have exhausted all their ideas, reason why Diamond is now thinking the only way to stay on the move is to use the beef with Alikiba as a propeller to balance him and stay live on the music scene, while Alikiba on the other side he has completely relaxed and instead of moving to studio to answer Diamond via music as it is normally done by other artists, he is even making things worse by using social media to answer his foe in something which may Diamond never did not expect to be for he knew Alikiba to be a slow guy to respond to such issues.

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Alikiba's Dis | Screenshot | to Diamond

On the other hand, Otile Brown has been such a darling for many Kenyan music lovers, and now after featuring Baraka The Prince on Nasema Nawe he gained access to the East African music atmosphere. The Kenyan Coast Nairobi based artist is talented and he has been receiving natural acceptance and love from fans more than of hyped (Kiki) type which is richly used by the Bongo Flava artists. After moving out of Dream Land Entertainment music label owned by Dr Eddy, many thought Otile Brown was going to flop as far as his music career is concerned. But for sure, things are even getting much pretty good to this lucky young guy. He is stealing the show like never ever before, with his hits Yule Mbaya and Kistaarabu Otile is already showing all the signs that he is in the likes of Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz in terms of composing and releasing hit songs.

Otile Brown showing off his might power live on stage. 

His latest hit Acha Waseme release is another proof that Otile is not joking and he is overtaking Diamond and Alikiba. Diamond has now proves to the world that things are out of hand and accidentally he has been using his fans applause as a major back up to ease dilemma on controlling the game back into track. So Otile is the only hope for East Africa, he has all the quality of both Diamond and Alikiba. Why not him qualifying to take the game over where these two superstars have reached? Enjoy the new Acha Waseme song here.

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