Bana Nes| photo Courtesy| Tekno fb
Tekno Mile with Vixens on behind the scene of (Go) video shooting
Born Augustine Miles Kelechi the 24 years old Nigerian singer-songwriter, Producer, performer and dancer is sailing on another sea of critical pure super talented characteristics as far as African music industry is concerned. The Pana project fame has been stealing many of his fan's souls across Africa and beyond, by the way, he fuses his multi-talented gifts as first a songwriter-singer, then as a producer as well not leaving behind his dancing skills as well as his tantalizing performance which are lovely and credible.

Tekno Producing his music| Photo Courtesy|Tekno fb
Tekno Producing his music| Photo Courtesy|Tekno fb

Just three days ago Tekno released his new jam out in the market. But there is something special surrounding this super new hit known as ''Go''. From the word go, the music is just cool and touching, something which anyone who knows the value of good music will always give credit to the producer before he concludes praising the music artist. For that is our culture as die hard fans of our favourite music artists, we always forget to give credit to the producers behind the curtain. But in Tekno's situation is very different, he is doing what many African Music big-wig artists can't do. ''Go'' is big and hit song, this is why with only 3 days on Youtube it has scored more than 573,747 views and still counting. The special thing about the hit song ''Go'' is that it was produced by Tekno himself, how beautiful to combine such wonderful musical architecture? Just from the beat, the lyrics don't forget that the video is one of the most high-quality videos I have never watched in our African soil, then don't forget his dancing skills....Tekno is simply a wizard in this game. Watch the ''Go'' Video bellow here.

Tekno- Go (Official Video)

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