In every success story in life situation of an artist either music artist or any kind of art, there must be some behind the scene characters who are working day and night to make sure these stars are shining. Today I have decided to highlight among the top five of Tanzanian media personalities of all the time whom have been earning respect, fame and prosperity at the same time by making sure that big names in the Bongo entertainment scene in the likes of Ali Kiba, Diamond Platnumz, Wema Sepetu, Vanessa Mdee, Idris Sultan, Jokate Mwagelo, Baraka Da Price, Raymond (Rayvany), Dully Sykes, Saida Kalori, Mr. Nice, Khasimu Mganga, Yamoto Band and many others are being projected on the world map of entertainment. Without this personality creativity, effort and determination towards their work may be Bongo music or entertainment could be a mystery hidden back into their own homeland famously known as Bongo land. So here are the brilliant faces behind this wonderfully inspiring story of you favourite Tanzanian stars.

1. Fredrick Bundala A.k.a Sky Walker.

He once worked as a radio presenter at Radio free Africa where he allegedly had a powerful entertainment radio show dubbed ''Chill na Sky''. The main aim of the programme was to promote all Tanzanian artists projects making sure they are not only known in Tanzania as a nation but their voice is heard across East Africa region and beyond. Stars like Banana Zoro, Dully Sykes, Mr. Nice, Ray C, Jay Dee, Afande Sele, Juma Nature, Q Chief (Chillah), Professor Jay, Mr. 2 (Sugu), Tunda Man, Spark, K Linny, Mr. Blue and many early Bongo music artists passed through his hands in one way or the other. He then joined Bongo 5 Media Group as Head Content officer, where he worked up too early this year when he left the organisation to manage his main entertainment company. He is living to see his dream of promoting artists is growing to come a reality. It's through Bongo 5 where he worked a lot on seeing the new generation of Bongo entertainment scene family is getting attention across the globe.

Fredrick Bundala A.k.a Sky Walker|Photo Courtesy| Facebook
Fredrick Bundala A.k.a Sky Walker

Video: Fredrick Bundala interviewing Vanessa via Dizzim Online 

Now here is where all the current shining stars in the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Barnaba, Belle 9, Wema Sepetu, the late Kanumba, Roma Mkatoliki, Ommy Dimple, Venessa Mdee and many others were rising up to make Tanzania proud of them and placing Bongo Flava in a new level dimension in the entertainment scene. Fredrick Bundala aka Sky Walker has been the most prolific Tanzanian media personality whom his effort and determination has bored many fruits until today back here in Kenya and East Africa at large most artists they wish to be associated with Tanzanian stars for their major success and inspiring stories they are projecting out to the world. For now, Bundala is currently running his Afro-pod online channel and also working as a part time writer/presenter at Dizzim On line Media group, where he is still continuing promoting Bongo artists like never before also he has published a number of his own novels.

2. Millard Ayo

He is another inspiring story of a young Tanzanian media personality. His story to fame and how his success in the world of entertainment as far as Tanzania media is concerned is just another heart uplifting story that one will live to bold mark it. But for today I want to highlight his effort and determination towards Bongo entertainment scene. He started working as a volunteer at Wapo Radio back in 2005, then he joined ITV/Radio One later in the year 2008. He left ITV/Radio One for Clouds Fm/Tv, where he started his career with a radio show known as ''Amplifaya'' and later on he was given a chance to run another radio show of his own known as Top 20. It's through his famous show ''Amplifaya'' that he gained fame and success in the entertainment scene.

Millard Ayo|| Photo Courtesy| Ayo Facebook
Millard Ayo Receiving an Award

Millard Ayo Interviewing Mikka Mwamba A legend Finland Citizen & Tanzanian Based Music Producer:

 His effort and passion for uplifting his fellow talented Tanzanians through art broadly sprouted out. He has been a big aid to many current shining super stars in Bongo land something which inspired him to start his own news website as well his own online Radio/Tv show. He amazed many of his fans and the Tanzanian entertainment scene where he publicly posted the images of his home Radio/Tv studio back in Dar less laam. Until now he has employed other youths who are helping him on writing, reporting and airing entertainment content through his studio. He is still working with Clouds Fm Media till up to date as well his own studio. Travelling a lot with big artists like Diamond, Ali Kiba and many others so as to bring his fans exactly first-hand news. Most bloggers in Tanzania have been depending on him for getting information. Something that had placed his news website to be ranked number one in Tanzania and is among the top ten websites in East Africa.

3. Omary Tambwe A.k.a Lil Ommy

According to his Instagram Bio introduction, he expressed himself as a ''Young, Determined & Ambitious'' person. At least from that short intro, one has a very clear view of Omary Tambwe is. Through my observation as a stockholder in the entertainment scene across East Africa, I have been reading, listing and watching Lil Ommy progress for long. As a writer in East Africa, I have my own way of projecting special talents in oneself. And this is the reason why I have ranked Lil Omm number 3. He works with Times FM, where is running an entertainment Show famously known as ''The Play List''. It's the play list where has been hosting a massive number of Tanzanian celebs making sure they are getting much of media coverage hence uplifting their morale with outcomes being the brilliant success we are seeing today. There is no any big star as far as the Bongo entertainment scene is concerned who have not passed through his hands. This why he is playing a very important role and he is one of the to  or focal points towards modern Tanzanian media

Lim Ommy| Photo Courtesy| Ommy FB
Omary Tambwe A.k.a Lil Ommy On The Deck

Lily Ommy interviewing Tanzanian Legend & Music artist Q Chilla On The Play List Show.

4. Salama Zalhata Jabir A.k.a Ece Jay

Call her Youtube Star, she started her job at Eatv where she was hosting an entertainment Web-Series Show famously known as Mkasi Tv. On this show, there is no debate on how she was directly promoting Bongo entertainment scene to the fullest. On November 1, 2011, she switched her Mkasi series on Youtube and it's through this move she did gain her fame. Through Mkasi Salama used her time frame well by hosting and promoting all super stars inside and outside Tanzania including the likes of Prezzo of Kenya and many international stars. One advantage with online Tv channel is they don't have a certain limit. Hence the reason she got the attention to outside fans who were out of Bongo land. He is still working with Eatv and his motive towards promoting Tanzanian artist is still the same and hot like never before for she is running another parallel entertainment show famously known as Ngaz Kwa Ngaz which a straight plus on pushing the Bongo entertainment projects to the world.

Salama Ajabir| Photo Courtesy| fb
Salam Aljabir| Photo Courtesy| EATv

Salama Jabir Interviewing Ali Kiba on a past Mkasi Show.

5. Sporah Njau

Yeah! If you are really keen on the following entertainment to follow as far as Tanzania is concerned one will not leave out to mention the name of Sporah Show. So who is the founder of this show and where exactly is it aired from? Here are another brilliant interpreter and a Tv personality who is inspiring and entertaining millions of Tanzanians. Sporah has been for years doing something amazing towards the growth of the Bongo entertainment. She started her own talk show back in the UK, where she had gone for further studies. But at the end of the day, she came up with an idea of starting her own Tv talk show in which by the end of the day it bored the famous Sporah Show. She has been playing a major role in promoting the Bongo artists across not only the musicians but the Thespians(actors and actress). For sure she has been on the fore front until now you are seeing big names like Diamond, Ali Kiba, Wema Sepetu, Elizabeth Lulu and many other big stars they once passed through her hands via her Talk show Sproah and still counting on them and other upcoming artists.

Watch Sporah Interviewing Bongo's Finest Star Diamond Platnumz On The Sporah Show!

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