Alikiba Alikiba Alikiba, he is a genius. Today I know why he is always confident on matters patterning music production. He is always that guy who never hear out from what people are saying or his fans complain of him not releasing new music hit. He is always staying cool, and never showing any signs of releasing music. Something which has been giving out commotion and debate not only to his fans but to his foes. The whole of this week, Across the East African music entertainment scene, has been witnessing the war of words between Alikiba and his closest rival Diamond reason being Diamond dishes Alikiba for not releasing music. Just before the tension has not even settled Alikiba has taken advantage of it. So ladies and gentlemen....stand up for ''Seduce Me'' a new hit song from African King of Bongo Flava, not anyone more than Alikiba...Enjoy!

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