Sister Shanniez| Photo Courtesy| Shanniez fb

Sister Shanniez 

She is one of the few but talented radio queens who trawl the Kenyan Coast radio waves with passion mixed with natural humour. Working with Kaya Radio 93.1 FM  Kwale, she has been over the years entertaining not only her fans but promoting and natures music talents of many coastal musicians including those shining over the coastal borders. On her favourite Show famously known across the coast as Kaya Flavaz, Shanniez has been rocking and building an image of inspiration to thousand of young coastal youths whom they would wish to be like her. Her good rapport with Music stars she normally hosts has gained her fame with respect hence she appeared to be a sister to many of her fans and musician hence I guess why she named herself Sister Shanniez A.k.a Ant-Virus. Below here is a behind the scene video short clip with one of Kenyan music superstar famously known by his stage name Chikuzee. From this clip, it describes Shanniez character of humour and jokes oriented lady which is the weapon she is using to conquer hearts of her fans across the coastal airwaves.

Sister Shanniez| Photo Courtesy| Shanniez fb

Shanniez with Nyota Ndogo On The Dock

All in all, she plays a major role on the naturing talented Coastal artists, for if an artist has to be heard on the Kaya Flava playlist must first undergo a channel or stages. She normally gives her fans to vote for their favourite new artists on another programme (Show) similar to Kaya Flavaz. But on this differently, with Kaya Flavaz, the show dubbed the name Chipukizi Wa Radio Kaya. It is being aired every Sunday night. Its aim is to play all received new artist's music. Her fans always are her judges, they always interact with her via social media platforms and phone's Short Messages (SMS) while the programme is on air. The top new artists voted in, their music got the chance of being played on the main show Kaya Flavaz in which it runs on week days from Monday to Friday. This is the reason why Bana blog has trickled her into our special exclusive table. Below here is another super hot and tantalizing on air interview of Shanniez hosting Chikuzee on the top show Kaya Flavaz. Enjoy!

Kaya Flavaz Interview|| Chikuzee

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