Malindi town is the only place where true Hip- Hop is still breeding. The Kenyan tourist town located North of the Kenyan Coast has its very own way of entertainment. Most people in Malindi believe in Hip-Hop as the way to Jamaicans believes in Reggae Music. Through our East Africa Bana Blog table, we have brought to you one of the most promising Kenyan Hip- Hop artist whom lucky his roots is Malindi. Though he is based in Watamu town, a distance of 45 minutes drive from Malindi town Monsta usually travels all along to Malindi frequently to perform on various entertainment rap events including the famous International Malindi Etra-vaganza Event in which is set aside by the Malindians artists to showcase their respective different talents.

Rapper Monsta Monk| Photo Courtesy| FirstSlatePhotograp
Rapper Monsta Monk| Photo Courtesy| FirstSlatePhotography
Talking to Bana News, Monsta is planning to make a revolution in the current music industry via Hip-hop. He is very determined and intellect in that he feels if the right time comes then there would be no stone left unturned. His force and determination is the true face of a champion and just like Kaligraph Jones, I am sure there is another Hip- Hop star being breaded who will make Kenya proud but this time round from the Kenyan coast. Already most of his music is circulating on the major coastal radio stations so his name is not just known but he is riding high in the sky at a very high speed. I think it's high time for all the stakeholders in the music industry to pay attention to him, for he does believe if he is given full support then much of dream towards Kenyan music will come true and he is here to do justice to Hip-Hop as a music genre.
Rapper Monsta Monk| Photo Courtesy| Changez Ndzai
Rapper Monsta Monk| Photo Courtesy| Changez Ndzai

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