Today my pen has decided to split the bitter truth about the dirty game played by our very own coastal politicians(Leaders) against music artists. Being one of the stakeholders in this very crawling and young music Kenya coastal industry, I have seen many pathetic scenario against the struggling talented artists. The Kenya coast is the back-born of good music rich of Swahili and full of African culture. In fact its very hard to differentiate it from the flavours of likes of Bongo Flava (Tanzanian Oriented Music). Something which gives us the reason why Coastal music is worthy and valid more than any in our Kenyan soil.

A politician during a campaign Rally| Photo by | Changez

But what is it that it derail this kind of good music backwards? What is the reason why most of the best or top coastal music artists are still hustling day and night for a better future? Why up to date most of the music artists are always complaining of foul play whenever it comes to times of making money deals? The weakness of making an artist worthy is not counted by the number of hits he or she is making over the year, but his or her worthy should be measured by the amount of income which is getting in their respective pockets. Though the hit songs helps them on increasing their fame and also can earn them little income through their respective registered cooperates in the likes of Sikiza Tune and so on, but that only can't make them to become more aggressive than the other artists across East Africa.

It is in this dilemma that most of the artist are being absorbed in, that our coastal leaders have been taking advantage for it for a very long time. Since independence, leaders have been using youth and women as a form entertaining apparatus. But after getting our new constitution, most things started taking a new and better shape indeed. But not all, because the gap between the talented youth to the leading politician has been increasing day and night. Youths and politicians will always come to similar terms only during elections and campaign period. Where the politicians would use the artists resources without paying good money for them e.g doing remix of some hit songs in their name without even asking permission for the respective artists something which is violating the copy-right rules.

I think this must stop, the leaders has the biggest opportunity to change the life of these artists, how? First of all I want to say this, it is not a sin for any leader to invite artists of their own choice to entertain them during certain functions, in fact that is what we expect it to be done simply because they are promoting the artists talents. But again the leaders whenever they are inviting these artists to participate in their state functions, we expect that they should recognise that before an artist's music reaches to the public ears, there is a lot of money used to take it such far. So the politicians should bear in mind that, they are not just inviting youths to entertain them on their functions but they are inviting business oriented mind to perform on their functions. Hence they should have a certain way or mode of payment which is decent compared or parallel to their effort.

Dogo Richie x Beka Boy| Photo by| Changez Ndzai
Dogo Richie x Beka Boy| Photo by| Changez Ndzai

And on the other side, if money would start circulating from the politicians to the music artists fairly, then the coastal economic as far as music industry, job creating environment is concerned will be growing up, hence most of the top coast music artists such as Dogo Richie, Susumila, Chikuzee and many others would be by now among the top African artists which is very much possible. Sometimes back, I was following an interview on radio Citizen during Mambo Mseto Show with Mzazi Willy M Tuva. He was interviewing Diamond Platnumz, and coincidently he asked him of who among the top music artists here in Kenya he would like to do a collaboration with. From his side he answered that he would pick Chikuzee, so on my opinion I viewed Chikuzee as a great artist, but why is he still among the hustling artists until now while in the really sense he started music before even Diamond got into the limelight? This is the same reason why Dogo Richie came up with Mziki Mjanga and he was very right.

Chikuzee| Photo courtesy| Facebook

My point to our coastal politicians (Leaders) is, our very own artists have been over the years doing a great job towards the entertainment industry. The media houses also across the coastal strip have been doing even a wonderful or colourful job indeed. Mentioning of Radio Kaya, Bahari FM, Pilipili FM, Pwani FM, Baraka FM and so of others of their likes have been in the fore front of making these artists getting that chance to explore and share their products to the very fans swiftly. Though challenges always are there, but for sure the media fraternity deserve a round of an applause for the great job well done. But you politicians you have been failing day by day on ensuring that these artists are endorsed, protected and promoted to such high levels.

Chikuzee|Photo Courtesy| Facebook
Chikuzee|Photo Courtesy| Facebook

We want to hear such events like the Tukutane Mombasa, that the top artist from Mombasa has pocket in his or her wallet a six figure payroll. Also the fans and the entire coastal people would be happy to see some of you leaders sharing tables with our very own artists as it the case in Tanzania, not only embracing or rubbing shoulders with the artists only during campaigns due to you need them to support you to be re-elected or getting into your desiring offices. Remember the artists has their own demands back home, they have families which are depending them too. So if you pay them good money, they would also do good music and video production hence some of them would be played on Africa's best television networks as MTVBase hence getting tittles as any other African artists. I hope this article would make sense to you our coastal leaders, stop fooling around with the struggling youth but come up with really support, which is tangible and concrete but not empty words.

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