As a writer and a poet, I always take much of my time daily going through my fellow poets/poetess work across the world. The new technology is offering a huge aid to me, for it makes easy work for me to Google or surfs the net and enjoy my favourite poems. So there is one of my old friend and a poet from India. She is always active on various Indian poetry projects, she is an inspiration to many Indian people and she owns much respect for sure across the world. I am writing this from Mombasa Kenya, for sure she has been a kind of inspiration to me and it's not once I have been writing poems just on her name.

Swapna Bahera| Photo Courtesy| Swapna fb

Madam Swapana Behera Receiving Poetry Award Back In India

Swapna Behera is her name, I am being honest and I know most of the people in India must be knowing her. She has a massive way of expressing her ideas into poetry, something only a few poets can make it. A talented and retired teacher as well, she has been spending much of her time on poetry than ever since the last time she retired from her job. I think may be being a former teacher, could be the motive in which has been pushing her on doing poetry. Sometimes as I am following her steps, I wish I could be near her so as I could be able to hear from her and probably getting much of her answers from many of my questions concerning poetry at large. India is a nation full of amazing things, I wish our country Kenya could be like it. Poetry here in Kenya is a very difficult path way to follow. Until a person from Kenya is known across the world through poetry, then there must be a huge effort imposed via the channel to that recognition.
Swapna Bahera| Photo Courtesy| Swapna fb

Madam Swapna Giving out A Speech During A past Poetry Event 

Hence I am, the only channel I have been using to explore my talent to the world is through major sharing my ideas with different poets and poetess across the world. But of all poets and poetess I have been meeting name them from US, UK, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, India, Philippines and such other related countries, I have found something unique in Madam Swapna Bahera soul. She has that heart and spirit of supporting fellow poets and poetess across. The last time she did me a great favour, she connected me to the Amaravati Poetic Prism 2017   management. I never knew it what was all about, until they got in touch with me last two months ago.

Swapna Bahera| Photo Courtesy| Swapna fb

Madam Swapana Behera In Kerala India During the 8th National Poets & Writers Meet 

So I was given a chance to write a poem in Swahili, in which it was to be included on a poetic prose of about 957+ other poems of which were to be written in 82 languages. So yesterday I received an email invitation to travel to India in November to attend that two days poetry event representing Kenya and Africa at large. I felt like I was dreaming, with everything being catered for I just has to look for my air ticket to India. How good it is to get a great chance like this as a poet. I did have much to give to Madame Swapna Bahera but this article can be of much thankful. I feel great to write this for the whole world to know her via this famous blog I am working for back here in Kenya. Thank you, Madam Swapna it's pleasure to know you, am deeply feel humble. Much regards, Poet/writer Changez Ndzai Kenya (Africa)

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