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Top Coast Artists Rich Ree, Chikuzee & Susumila

Today my pen has decided to articulate key points, which our Kenyan coast music artists should learn in order to make it big in their music career. The media houses in our Kenyan coastal line air waves are doing a great job on making sure that they are pushing up the new generation of music artists' talents as far as the coastal entertainment is concerned. From Pilipili FM, Bahari FM, Radio Kaya, Baraka FM, Pwani FM and the very brand new radio Boss. These stations have been investing big towards the effort of making sure coastal artists are benefiting not only getting air play but enjoy dividends from corporates like Safaricom, Orange offers via roadshow trips and other related organs. But it's so pathetic that with all that support, it's only a few artists who have been trying to show signs of embracing positive change in their lives towards music business.
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Chikuku a.k.a Chikuzee

As a stakeholder in the so called coast music entertainment scene, I have been feeling pathetic seeing most of the artists being reluctant and feeling satisfied with just a few achievements they are getting within our coastal boundaries. On the other hand, for those who are lucky for their music product is played outside the coastal border also are boasting for nothing. For though they are doing good, but our industry feels there is a lot to be done. Entertainment is not all about recording, getting airplay and getting few shows here and there. The reason why I have decided to take my time to pin point some few elements through my experience as a professional writer and an entrepreneur, is try to open eyes of those artists who are ready to learn and change their lifestyle to be better. So for one to make it big in this industry, one has to consider this five things in his life as an artist.
1. Discipline
In any field of work down here on earth, one has to maintain a formal way of ethics that would guide him or her to pursue and meet his or her goals in life. As an artist, you don't have to keep promises you know that you can't meet. It's better you learn to say no or I can't do this rather than pretending to be a super hero only people later find that you can't do it and call you a liar. No one is ready to help a person who is not honest even to his or herself, so as an artist one has to be frank and be honest with his or herself. Apart from that, one has to stay away from causing unnecessary mistakes that could end them being mistaken to be hooligans. No company neither individuals are ready to work with culprits, hence its very important for an artist to maintain a good CV in their entire lives in order to gain favours from well-wishers, sponsors, media houses and other related stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

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Alikiba Africans most disciplined Artist

2. Entrepreneurship 

The music industry is a business entity of its own, so for any artists who want to make it big in the world of the entertainment industry has to structure a well-planned business scale. One has to know that in business life, if there is no pain no gain and talent only can't take you far. I will give you an example, as a writer I started my writing career since back in High School. I used to write articles and send them to news papers to be published in the opinion column. For I did send them just for leisure, the articles helped me only on improving my talent skills but financially I enjoyed nothing. Until one day, a certain friend challenged me to invest big in my talent. So I went ahead and dig deep on how to make money from my writing career as an entrepreneur.
Babu Tale talks how he made it big via music Industry 
Coca Cola| Photo courtesy| Coke Facebook

One of the product which is widely advertised despite of its high demand

Finally I got that answer hence I started my professional writing(Investing money in my writing career), which has propelled me forwad hence has pushing me writing for the best East African Blogs and radio stations such as Tanzanian Bongo 5 (Dar es Salaam), Radio Sunrise 94.9 FM (Arusha Tanzania) not forgetting this site which is now giving me chances to interact with thousands of top African stars day by day. To be frank, these days even if you are producing hit songs every month and people are embracing your talent but if you are poor on investing and selfishness is your weakness you won't reach far. 

Buying good clothes and snacks, cruising on top models cars for showing off isn't increasing your bank account's life span but it destroys your future for real. There is enough money to make one millionaire in our coastal industry, but being selfish, mean and assuming that you have too much knowledge of things but in the real sense you knows nothing deprives the power of success to many coastal artists. In short use money to get money, not only on recording good audio and quality video producing but also spare a good budget for promoting your music work and you will live to recall this article.

3. Promotion

I consider my self very lucky for being one of the few writers from Kenyan coast who have been interacting with a number of Tanzanian media big wigs in the likes of Fredrick Bundala, Lily Ommy, Nancy Nsumari and many others. These are the key media pioneers in the Bongo entertainment scene and most of those big Tanzanian artists talking of Diamond, Alikiba, Barnaba and many others have been passing through their hands in one way or the other. 

One thing I have been learning from the Tanzanian entertainment market, which is so far the leading East African successful, well developed in terms of music business, money is circulating freely from the artists/promoters to the media houses and vice versa hence making it active and hackling massive challenge across their neighbouring nations in the region i.e Kenya and Uganda.It's not a crime to promote one product for the reason of making it sell like hot cake in the market. But most of our artists, have been thinking negatively in terms of promoting their own work in such away that they took the industry to be bias and corrupt. What they are thinking is that their music product is going to be pushed forward by the mode of poor fans once it is on air no, things are not working on that way my friends. Ask Diamond, Alikiba, King Kaka, Octopizzo and other big East African artists they would tell you.

Sauti Sol| Photo Courtesy| sauti fab

Sauti Sol are investing big on promoting their music widly

Sauti Sol they spent millions on propitiating and promoting their music through their famous cross-country tour last year And this year too. In which they had shows in various Kenyan big towns and cities but in returns the profit was so huge instead.Even Coca Cola company, Safaricom, Airtel and other big companies are daily spending billions of cash only for promoting their products. The reason why you are seeing their advertisement on TVs, over the radio, on billboards in town and such related channel of promotion. Do you think they don't know what they are doing? One fact is that they have this in the back of their minds, whenever you sleep for you are feeling comfortable of your today's little archives than your competitor is taking over you hence soon you will be outdated due to incurring losses. So if you are an artists here at the coast, in every penny you are getting either from show or endorsement don't just spent it with beautiful ladies and beer in our flourishing night clubs but save a little for promoting your brand so as to make it big out there in the music world as not just a star but a superstar.

4. Come Out Of Comfort Zone

Getting air play and some shows every weekend in town can't be defined as success. Success in the music industry is measured by the income you earn per capita in every single minute counting. Having a big name may be an advantage in the business world if used well for you but also it may be at a massive disadvantage if you won't know your motive and lacking goals to score. How does it feels if one has a big name via music industry and still you have nothing worthy your status? I think by now one has the point I am driving at. 

So if today an artist is known within the coastal borders then tomorrow we expect that artist to be all over the Kenyan and out of its borders just like our brothers and sisters in Nairobi. My point is, an artist must not be satisfied with just a few achievements he or she have met but fought hard to do even more big things than that. Akothee though she started her career here at the coast but she is branding herself as Bondo's representatives, she is one of the good example we can give out. So in order to do that one has to set goals, after meeting them they must not stop there and celebrate but set even much higher goals than the previous ones. What this video and hear what Diamond Platnumz did tell Nairobi University students in a past interview on the trend.<>
Diamond talking on how he made it big in music on #TheTrend NTV show

5. Never Compete With Radio Presenters/Media personalities

I will give you one good and famous example of Tanzanian legend and A list music artist Judith Nyambura alias Jay Dee. She once had a case with the leading Tanzanian media house Clouds FM's management in which their case ended in court where she was found guilty and was asked to pay damages which cost her quiet a fortune. Clouds media ended up not only stopping promoting her music but even doing any kind of business with her. Something which affected her for years in which derailed her effort of making huge steps on her music career until last year when the cases came to a halt. Hence any artist from our Kenyan coast music atmosphere, who has dreams to make it big in the music industry, must not think even in a second to compete or be on the wrong side of any media personality especially Tv hots/ radio presenters.

Lady Jaydee| Photo courtesy| Jide Facebook


For what most of artists don't know is, most of the radio presenters not only here at the coast and country wide but even internationally has a good network system of sharing ideas and information about artist's work and progress. So if you mess with one of them then there are high chances that you may end up giving histories that you once was a music artist.  Good example, as a writer I have the good rapport with a good number of fellow writers across the world. Something that has given me a chance to be among invited writers who will travel to India early November for (Poets/writers) conference in VijayAwardha India and I will be representing Africa. 

A part from that, I have been changing ideas with several big East African media houses here in Kenya and Tanzania that gives me rich connection over the entertainment industry, hence I guess it happened the same with other writers, radio presenter and TV hosts as well.  Even if you start making big money, don't try to show them that you are superior and making big more than them. For already they do know that, so one has to remain humble and try as much as possible to make merry with them and you will never complain in your life forever. Another last point is that, media personalities never expire unless one is sucked or dies. But artist's work it reaches a time it looses its value hence that artist goes into thin air good example Mr. Nice, Juma Nature in Tanzania here at our coastal industry we have Escobar and some many others who did their best but with time there music career ran absolute. Finally I would say this, talent is always the key to unlock the padlock of success, but it has to be combined by other aspects in order for an artist to reach the pick of his success through music.

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