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Dj Romy Jons 

Tanzanian sensation Singer, songwriter, Dancer and live performer artist Diamond Platnumz,  in his life he has one favourite childhood friend and cousin whom they have been doing good in life up to date. Romy Jons who he happened to be also among the top Tanzanian DJs, has been such a darling to his brother in such away that he happened to be in one of his first video Mbagala, in which he took the part of Diamond's rivalry man who married the subject of that song's ''Mbagala'' lady. Another thing in which is showing that Romy Jons and Diamond are much more than friends, is the flashbacks photos of their childhood days and much even good proof is the way Romy Jons had to draw a tattoo on his left hand in the name of Diamond times even before Diamond had never gained fame and be the super star he is now. Diamond on his side, he has been supporting and gave Romy Jones a chance as his personal Dj and since then Romy has been on the African radar of top DJs.

Diamond Platnumz - Mbagala (Official Video)
Now on this 18th August 2017, was the day in which Romy Jones was celebrating his birthday. For sure this time round the whole team of Wasafi Classic Babies (WCB) was around including their president himself Diamond Platnumz. Unlike the past birthday party in the previous year 2016, in which Diamond was absent. Something which brought much of rumours that things were not in good shape between the two. But this time around the who part was made life, with all media houses in Tanzania who are very active on entertainment issues were full in presence everyone to cover up and get what their audience can enjoy. In attendance were Tanzanian high-profile celebrities including T.I.D and many others. Enjoy the whole footage of how the show did go down here.

Romy Jons Birthday Part Full Footage.

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