Prince Tom| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Prince Tom with one of his portrait

My noble pen today has traveled to Gaborone the capital city of Botswana. Just making sure that I am bringing you most entertaining, educating and tantalizing stories. I normally bring via this segment different artists across the world, ranging from Music artists, Fine Art artists, Actors/Actresses, Poets/Poetess and such related famous and influential people. Hence today my pen has arrived in Gaborone from Kenya, just ready to take you into its streets and introduce you to Botswana's most African promising young fine artist Prince Tom. At his young age, he is already making money via his drawing and painting career. He is not just a normal painter but an extraordinary artist who describes nature on his own way. Giving life to pictures from his imagination to hundreds of canvas boards.

Prince Tom| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Prince Tom on one of his behind the scene of his upcoming documentary

You know in this life it's not all people can be superstars, so God came up with ways of distinguishing stars and superstars through talents. Prince Tom joins the chains of top African celebrities through his fine art talent. Just like many African stars who would use their talents to earn a living, Tom hit the road of fame to inspire his fellow youths giving them hope in life that everything is possible if one is determined and ready to explore their hidden gifts. He is a good example to many, a light which shines bright to give way to many talented fine art artists in Africa that if they follow his foot-prints then they can make it in life too. Tom also in terms of business, he becomes an entrepreneur and for sure as he is moving forward step by step he will one day build his own fine art business empire.

Prince Tom| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Prince Tom giving final touches to one of his portrait

Something which has attracted a lot of people unto his life across Africa and beyond its boarders. Apart from expressing his ideas on canvas, Tom is also venturing a new design of giving garments and shoes a attracting nature by applying splashing colour pigments to them. Due to this new evolution, the media in Botswana has been gearing up to cover up his work for promotion hence at least giving him opportunity to be exposed and known even much wide in this world. I think this is the reason why here on our East Africa Bana News Blog table, we have decided to give him this chance to cover the Celeb Crush SEGMENT. Through my pen I would also want to take this opportunity to wish him all the best of success in his daily hustle as the ticker timer tick its marks day by day.

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