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Christoph, Juacali, Nonini & Wyre 

Music entertainment in Kenya for years has been driven by the power and control of certain legendaries. Whom majority of music fans in Kenya, they wont forget and would be always thankful for these super stars who for years have been lighting up fire of music since back in the early 2000s. Names like Nameless, Juacali, Wyre and Nonini are like golden plates, when being mentioned concerning the ever growing music industry.

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I know most of the fans in Kenya they would like to see or witness the rewind collaboration of these legendaries. Hence the reason why they went wild when Nameless posted a photo on Instagram pausing with Juacali and Nonini. Some went on begging the quadrant squads of musicians to go back to studio and do something on behalf of their die hard fans. The stars who in that posted photo were representing Calif records and Ogopa Djs, they used to storm the radio waves with super hits like Kiasi (By Juacali), We Come ( By Nonini) and Nikisinzia ( By Nameless). I have prepared for you some of their hits here, so as to bring you back in times and enjoy bit by bit of the sweet memories.

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